Saturday, December 31, 2016

Steampunk Artwork

I'm creating this artwork because of my fascination with the 19th century Victorian era and the industrial revolution in particular. Steampunk fantasy is a wonderful way of expressing the artform. Cast iron and steel embellished with brass and copper creates a stunning effect. A steam whistle is being added along with regulators, valves, gauges, meters, pumps, silt traps etc. Here pictured is the item part way through building..

Added a condensate pump, filter and flywheel.

Closer view of the dosing tank and handpump.

Nice old brass badge. Looking for somewhere to fit it...

This the gear set I've been making, as yet unfinished. The badge is brass. I want to profile cut the backing plate so it's the same silhouette as the gears.

Backing plate was contoured and painted. Now welded into place.

OK, I finally rearranged my workshop so I could have a dedicated area for Steampunk.

I dismantled the sculpture so I could move it, then reassembled again in the new location.

Funnel added.

5Feb2017, Started the final clean, paint and re-assemble. The main valves have been through-bored so the lighting cable can be run. I made a replacement lens for one acetylene gauge from the bottom of an old PET plastic container. It's slightly domed so looks good. Funnily it has the letters PET and the recycling symbol embossed in plain view but it looks like it's been there forever.

14April2017 I amended some of the details. There will be a clock fitted...

29April2017 Steampunk sculpture completed and it on display at Metallic Recycling, Killarnie lane, Hamilton, NZ

Where most of the parts came from..

28May2017 Proposed backdrop for taking nice photos..